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Extruded Aluminum Suppliers

Hydro Extrusions, part of aluminum company Norsk Hydro, is one of the premier aluminum extrusions suppliers in North America, offering a product for virtually any type of application, ranging from high pressure and mechanical to architectural and framing. Our decades of expertise show in our wide-ranging selection of standard and custom shapes that are certain to meet all of your most ambitious residential, commercial and industrial requirements.

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Using both 6xxx series aluminum alloys and proprietary alloys in the 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000, and 7000 series, as well as standard and special tempers, Hydro Extrusions can satisfy your most complex size and shape requirements with a diverse product line that includes:

Standard and custom shapes up to 22.5” circle size
Seamless pipe and tube up to 15.375” O.D.
Structural pipe and tube up to 8.625” O.D.
Rod up to 12.125” diameter
Square bar up to 9” thickness
Rectangular bar up to 19.6” width
Heat sinks with fin ratios up to 16:1
Aluminum alloy is easy to work with and an endless variety of unique profiles can be produced, including many that are simply not possible with other metals. Our ACC-U-LINE™, ACC-U-ROD™, ACC-U-HEX™, ACC-U-BAR®, ACC-U-PLATE® and Jumbo Rod product lines provide access to an extensive array of standard and specialty extrusions that are highly sought after by elite machine shops around the globe for their superior machinability and consistent ultra-tight tolerance, exceeding Aluminum Association standards.

From custom aluminum extrusions that require basic procedures (such as precision cutting, drilling, tapping or punching) to fully finished components and assemblies, Hydro is also pleased to offer full capabilities for fabricated components - a complete solution that’s ready to ship or insert into a production line. We can help lower your total costs and product cycle times with additional value-added fabrication services, including:

CNC machining
Polishing and brushing
Caustic etching and Sapa Select acid etching
Clear and two-step anodizing
Brite Dip to 18’
Stretch and roll forming
Conventional and friction stir welding
Assembly, packaging and delivery
Hydro Extrusions’ facilities are certified to ISO 9001:2008 and feature in-house custom die-making facilities. For better logistics, we operate 23 locations with 68 presses strategically located throughout the U.S. and Canada. We design and manufacture tooling using the latest technology and CAD/CAM design, and offer in-house testing capability for quality assurance.

Our expert staff of metallurgists and engineering, manufacturing, design and marketing specialists is equipped to provide every service you need to complete your project. As premier aluminum extrusions suppliers, Sapa Extrusions’ variety of choices is unsurpassed. Our expanded operations open up a universe of opportunities for our customers, providing access to the industry’s broadest product capacity.