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Ready-made products and systems

We offer finished products from light poles to pedestrian bridges and wheelchair ramps.

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Windows that save energy

Windows play a key role in how buildings use energy in terms of lighting, heating and cooling, and ventilation. Aluminum-framed windows offer outstanding thermal performance and are weather-resistant and nearly maintenance-free.

Aluminum products

The list includes aluminum rod and bar and pipe and tube products. Standard extrusion shapes. Wheelchair ramps and walkways, pedestrian bridges and aluminum stairs. Bathroom enclosures. Conduit products are available.

All towns and cities use light poles. We produce these, too, as well as flagpoles and self-sufficient solar poles and complete systems for mounting traffic lights.

Aluminum building components

Our building systems brands offer window and door systems and other building components that are better with aluminum than with other materials.

Contact us today to discuss our range of finished products.

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Chelsea FC scores again with aluminum

Chelsea Football Club has chosen aluminum façade systems for each of its three training academy projects at its campus in the UK. Is that what they call a hat trick?

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