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Aluminum's amazing properties

Why should you use aluminum? Learn more about our favorite material and discover the opportunities.

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Aluminum has a unique combination of attractive properties. Many of these are extremely important in our mutual efforts to create a more sustainable society. What are the properties you are looking for?


Aluminum lasts forever and is environmentally friendly. 

Aluminum is strong

Aluminum is very light, thanks to its low density. But extrusions can also be made strong and durable. It all depends on the application and the engineering behind it. In a ship, vessel designers can achieve weight savings of 40 percent over steel.


With a density one-third that of steel, 2,700 kg/m3, aluminum is super light. That is why it keeps replacing materials in all industries.


Light does not mean weak. Aluminum alloys have tensile strengths of between 70 and 700 MPa. Unlike most steel grades, its strength increases at low temperatures. This makes aluminum the natural choice in many places.


The versatility in working with this material is incredible. Milling, drilling, cutting, punching, and bending are all common methods for shaping aluminum. Furthermore, the energy input during machining is low, meaning a greener environmental footprint.

Aluminum is non-combustible. It has better fire protection capabilities than carbon fiber, which has flammable resins in it.


Aluminum’s superior malleability means you will be able to form it into almost any product imaginable.

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Aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity. An aluminum conductor weighs approximately half as much as a copper conductor having the same conductivity. This is why it is a material that is extensively used in heating/cooling applications.


Features facilitating easy joining are often incorporated into profile design. Fusion welding, friction stir welding, bonding and taping are also used for joining.

Reflectivity is a much appreciated property of aluminum. It is an excellent reflector of both visible light and radiated heat.

Screening electromagnetic radiation

Tight aluminum boxes can effectively exclude or screen off EMC. The better the conductivity of a material, the better the shielding qualities.

Corrosion resistance

Have you ever seen aluminum rust? Aluminum reacts with the oxygen in the air to form an extremely thin layer of oxide. Though it is only some hundredths of a micron thick (1 micron is one thousandth of a millimeter), this layer is dense and provides excellent corrosion protection. The layer is self-repairing if damaged.

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