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Hydro's Extruded Solutions has around 800 employees in Denmark, representing each of the company’s business areas. We have five manufacturing plants in Tønder and suroundings, near the German border. The aluminium extrusion plant was established in 1975. The aluminium tubing plants, started operations in 1990. Extruded Solutions also has an aluminium building systems and extrusion sales office in Risskov, near Aarhus.

Hydro Precision Tubing Tønder

Hydro Precision Tubing Tønder a.s Hydrovej 6 PO Box 50 6270 Tønder
+45 74 72 03 04 +45 74 72 33 13 Contact location

Hydro Extrusion Denmark A/S

Hydro Extrusion Denmark A/S Bygmestervej 7 PO Box 10 6270 Tønder
+45 73 93 93 93 +45 73 93 93 13 Contact location

Hydro Extrusion Denmark Sales Office

Hydro Extrusion Denmark has a sales office for extruded aluminium profiles in Risskov, near Aarhus. From this site, we serve the Danish market with innovative aluminium solutions.

Hydro Extrusion Denmark A/S Julsøvej 1 8240 Risskov
+45 86 32 61 00 Contact location