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Trade fairs and exhibitions

We participate in market-specific trade shows across the world. If you are attending one, we would like to meet you there.

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Here is the list of industry trade fairs and exhibitions at which Hydro's Business Area Extruded Solutions will exhibit in 2017. Let's set a date and meet along the way.

Contact us today and we will set up an appointment.

Date Location Event
October 3-5 Paris Midest
October 6-8 Dallas TASBO 2017
October 7-10 Seattle NECA 2017
October 10-11 Amsterdam Offshore Energy
October 18-20 Munich eCarTec
October 18-21 Lillestrøm, Norway Bygg Reis Deg
October 19-20 Los Angeles Facades+ CONF LA 2017
October 25-28 Phoenix IEC 2017
November 6-10 Paris Batimat 2017
November 7-10 Rotterdam Europort
December 8 Seattle Facades+ Seattle AM 2017
January 22-24, 2018 Chicago AHR Expo 2018