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Scientific support, fast

We can offer you faster and better application development support than you can receive anywhere else in the aluminium extrusion industry.

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Aluminium design expertise

Whether you need to transform an existing steel part into high-quality aluminium, or start fresh from the drawing board, Hydro has the knowledge and design expertise to create cost-reducing, corrosion-resistant, sustainable, lightweight products.

As a customer, you have access to the knowledge of our team of metallurgists, chemists, metallographers, physicists, designers, mechanical engineers and technicians – all specialists in aluminium.  

Our team of application engineers will work with you to identify the best solution available.

Design and material properties are key elements in determining the crashworthiness of a vehicle

Research and development

Innovation & Technology is Hydro's internal research and development resource. It stimulates and takes an active part in business development and technical development of products and processes throughout the group, covering:

  • Improvement of existing products and processes
  • Technical service and trouble shooting
  • Enabling technologies, innovation and intellectual property


Hydro offers you a one-stop shop for the prototyping of extruded products. By combining our expert design guidance with prototyping capabilities, we can shorten your development cycle and improve your product design process with an aluminium prototype.

R&D analysis

Hydro offers research and analysis capabilities. We apply advanced computer simulations to discover the best design option, which reduces costs and lead times in the development process.

Contact us today to begin discussing your business project.

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Our researchers take part in business development and in the technical development of the products and processes that customers need to succeed.

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You can never learn enough about aluminium because the identity of the metal is constantly changing. We work on your new applications all the time.