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Thinking ahead in aluminium tubing

We have a research and development unit devoted to aluminium tubing applications. Their aim is to keep you ahead of the game.

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The Precision Tubing Technology Center, with competence in five locations across the world, concentrates on product, alloy, and coating and process development. It focuses on development for applications in automotive, HVAC&R and solar thermal.

Application development with partners

The center is engaged in partnerships with customers and has links with major technical institutes throughout the world, allowing access to ground-breaking R&D. Its competencies cover:

  • Tube extrusion, drawing and coating technology
  • Tube welding
  • Die technology
  • Alloy development
  • Surface and coating development
  • Brazing technology, such as Hybraz™/®
  • Corrosion and corrosion design
  • Heat exchanger design
  • FEM simulations

The center has access to laboratory facilities, including:

  • Metallography and mechanical testing labs
  • Metal forming simulation (Gleeble machine) SEM / GDOES
  • Corrosion test labs
  • Brazing labs
  • Bending and end-form testing
  • Solar thermal testing
  • Heat exchange prototyping 

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