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Sapa Group is now part of Hydro

We deliver customized aluminium extrusions for your building systems as well as complete branded systems for the building envelope.


As part of a fully integrated global aluminium company, we have broadened our level of technical expertise and can further improve our offerings to you.

Energy-efficient buildings require sustainable materials and a low carbon footprint. We serve as your design and manufacturing partner, offering aluminium solutions that improve:

  • Energy performance
  • Acoustic performance
  • Thermal comfort
  • Natural lighting
  • Design

Aluminium is fully recyclable and ideal for passive or zero-energy buildings.

Hydro offers advanced fabrication, surface coating and engineering expertise. Help with assembly and on-site construction. Because we want to make sure you receive the right solution for your requirements.

Our Sapa, Technal and Wicona brands develop and manufacture complete systems, while our local manufacturing plants produce the architectural extrusions that fit your own systems.

Contact us today so we can begin with your project.

Building & Construction

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Buildings have many stakeholders. Architects, specifiers, metal fabricators, developers, investors, homeowners. We can support your project from the earliest stages through to building occupation and beyond.