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Sapa is now Hydro

We are now operating under the Hydro name, as the business area Extruded Solutions. As part of a fully integrated global aluminium company, we have broadened our level of technical expertise and can further improve our offerings to you.


Automotive engineers are always working to improve their designs and vehicles in these ways:

  • Lighter weight
  • Better handling
  • Better fuel efficiency
  • Reduced emissions
  • Improved safety

Aluminium can help you achieve each of these points. We have the expertise to optimize them.

Replacing steel with aluminium throughout your vehicle generates substantial weight savings. Replacing copper with aluminium in wiring and cables saves even more. This can give you the handling, efficiency and safety you want. We know. So do you.

Let us put to work our technical expertise and find you a better solution that uses aluminium. Whether you require strength, or stiffness, or the ability to absorb energy and protect your vehicle and its passengers, we can help you design the components or systems that meet your needs.

We offer you support with e-mobility applications, too, such as battery frames and body-in-white components.

Contact us today so we can begin with your project.


Image Ford F-150.JPG

Automotive makers use a variety of materials from steel to aluminum, glass, plastics and special fibers. If you are in the business of making vehicles, you will find aluminium extrusions give you endless opportunities.


Image Rail - Sapa.jpg

From cruise ships to heavy trucks, efficient use of aluminum provides the construction of safer and lighter vehicles enabling higher payload, less maintenance and lower fuel consumption.