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Sapa is now Hydro

We are now operating under the Hydro name, as the business area Extruded Solutions. As part of a fully integrated global aluminium company, we have broadened our level of technical expertise and can further improve our offerings to you. 


It’s true. We can offer you even more in the way of support. And service.

Your needs are our first priority. We will do what we can to make sure you receive the best aluminium solutions, because your success is our success. By improving all aspects of our business, we can improve yours.

Staff with technical knowledge and a contact person for your delivery will make sure you get competent advice when you need it most. We will help you select the best solution for your product and serve you reliably, from design to delivery.

We are your local supplier of innovative aluminium solutions. Your industrial partner. Supporting your success. Large enough to react quickly to challenges, close enough to deliver fast.

Contact us today so we can begin with your project.