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Sapa is now Hydro

We are now operating under the Hydro name, as the business area Extruded Solutions. As part of a fully integrated global aluminium company, we have broadened our level of technical expertise and can further improve our offerings to you. 


Aluminium is popular for all kinds of household products due to its endless aesthetic possibilities. It is versatile and malleable and functional – heavy enough to be stable, light enough to move around easily. When designing, you can integrate several product functions into one profile.

Outdoor furniture? Lighting? Aluminium is suitable for indoor or outdoor applications because it is resistant to corrosion. And it requires minimal maintenance, which your customers will appreciate.

We can offer you new angles of approach in your project, such as designing for disassembly or sustainable production. We can help with the creative designs and technical solutions that simplify things and save you money. Inviting us in the start-up phase of your project is the best way we can help you develop the best products.

Contact us today so we can begin with your project.

Industrial Design

Image bicyle-3.jpg

The material is the starting point that shapes the form and function of your product. We work with industrial designers and engineers in every industry and can help shape your product with the use of our extrusions and knowledge.