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Meet Floor

Growing up in the Netherlands near one of the largest manufacturing plants in Extruded Solutions, Floor Verhorst-Willems got to know Hydro. Now she is one of our sales managers.

Image FloorVerhorst.jpg

Why Hydro?
I was raised near the large plant in Drunen so I sort of grew up with aluminium. Lots of parents of school friends worked at Hydro, so even in my younger days there was a connection.

Do you feel small working for such a large company?
When an organization recognizes your efforts and gives back in terms of training and new positions, you feel proud, humble and supported. This is how I feel with Hydro. I am driven to learn, I am ambitious and always try to be at my best.

Do you have a favorite project?
We had a contract with a global customer to produce extrusions for industrial computer housings. It was complex. Extensive fabrication, very tight tolerances and various surface treatments. A lot of effort went into this little box, but the more complex the challenge, the better it is for Hydro and the customer. If we can’t provide the knowledge locally, we know that we can turn to Hydro in Europe or elsewhere for support.