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Meet Marion

Marion Villard works in France as marketing product manager for our aluminium building systems brand Technal. A young talent, she is shaping Hydro’s future.

Image MarionVillard.jpg

What do you do?

I’m in charge of our product offer, which means I follow up the product throughout its life cycle, from conception to the end of its use. An important part of my job is to make sure the product is shaped to meet the special requirements in the French market.

What makes it interesting to work for a company like Hydro?

Hydro offers all opportunities and tools of a big company, in terms of logistics, training and safety for employees. Here we benefit from Hydro’s size and its strength as the No. 1 extruder worldwide. Hydro also offers us the opportunity to shape the company by sharing best practices with all the other branches. And the internal exchanges with people makes collaboration simple and easy.

How is it to be a part of the company’s young talents program?

It is a sign of confidence from the company that instills in me a sense of pride. It’s also a way for me to build a network within the group, and it gives me a real overview of the topics we all care about across the company such as diversity, mobility and sustainability.