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Meet Martin

Finspång is a Swedish town that has revolved around industry for 450 years. A lot of engineers work there, and Martin Schön of Innovation & Technology is one of them.

Image MartinSchon3000.jpg

How have your responsibilities changed over the years?

I started as a production engineer at our fabrication plant in Finspång, developing products and processes. Since then, I have had many different roles, also abroad, but always close to application technology and people development.

Why do you do the work that you do?

I find it stimulating to work in an open and creative environment, with people interaction, and to bring new technology to the marketplace. By applying material knowledge and helping application engineers design aluminium products, I am always learning something new.

How is your work benefiting customers?

Aluminium is an interesting material with a lot of opportunities, and we have the technical competence and resources to help our customers succeed in their product development.