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Al Bidda Park puts design into public lighting

The State of Qatar is carrying out a major renovation of Al Bidda Park in Doha. Scores of aluminium "smart" poles will give the park a progressive look that combines safety with aesthetics.

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Al Bidda Park is an urban park located near the former Emir's Palace in Qatar’s capital city. It is a recreational destination that is just as large as Hyde Park in London and two-thirds the size of Central Park in New York City. When the project is completed, the park will become a center for cultural celebrations and events.

The renovation project aims to transform the park into a reflection of the Qatari culture. Design factors include nature, culture, history and functionality.

Smart aluminium poles

The 12-meter-high light poles installed along the concrete red street at Al Bidda Park are quadrangular in shape with rounded corners. They are both decorative and functional.

The recesses in the Technopole aluminium profile provide space for a footplate, which is integrated almost invisibly in the pole. Moreover, decorative aluminium plates containing laser-cut patterns have been placed on two sides of the “smart” pole. The motif of the sheet material has been designed exclusively for the project, although it can be supplied in any desired design.

The poles can house additional applications, such as WiFi, cameras and more.

Customized lighting

Color is very much part of the modern design of the poles, with remote-controlled RGB LED lamps shining through the Arabic motif in desired colors. As an example, during important country visits, the color of the light coming from the poles can be adapted to the color of the visiting country.

These products are developed and delivered by Hydro’s Pole Products unit in cooperation with Metrosmart International.

Contact us today if your are interested in learning more.

Image Smart poles

Smart poles

The aluminium smart pole is smart because it can light a street corner, house a security camera and wireless internet connectivity for various uses.

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Light poles

Aluminium offers the flexibility to create street lighting that is practical and economical. You can also use the metal to design light poles that are works of art.

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What could be better than aluminium poles that are light, fully recyclable, require no maintenance, and are impact-safe?