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Charge it with aluminium

Electric vehicles use lots of aluminium. Now the chargers that help power these cars are using aluminium, too. The Swedish company Chargestorm produces charging station solutions for electrical vehicles in collaboration with Hydro.

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“As a company focusing on clean energy, it seems only natural that we should use a material that embodies our values. Aluminium is like electricity: clean, renewable and sustainable,” says Chargestorm’s chief executive officer Patrik Lindergren. “We are extremely happy to be collaborating with Hydro on developing our chargers to be greener than ever.”

Flexible and fully recyclable aluminium profiles

He says the company considered using either plastic or stainless steel for the housing profiles, before eventually deciding on the flexible and fully recyclable aluminium profiles from Hydro.

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Chargestorm with Hydro

The Swedish company Chargestorm produces charging station solutions for electrical vehicles, both for private and public use. They’ve chosen to use aluminium profiles as part of the housing for their new wall-hanged charger.

The product was developed together with Hydro. 

"The combination of an attractive metal finish in anodized aluminium and a high degree of customization was the main reason why we chose Hydro and its aluminium profile," says Chargestorm CEO Patrik Lindergren.

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From power chargers to oil and gas installations to industrial wind turbines, the energy industry has made aluminium its material of choice.

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Lightweighting is one of the most effective ways to improve the energy efficiency of electrical and hybrid vehicles. Lightweighting starts with aluminium.