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Developing talents in Hydro

Helping people develop in the early stages of their career is the objective of Hydro Young Talents.

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Young Talents is a career development program for selected young employees in the organization. Its purpose is to encourage the participants to network, create awareness around their career opportunities in the company, and help them build basic leadership skills.

It is a one-year program that Hydro completed for the first time in 2016.

Willingness to learn is key for growth

Hydro identifies and selects employees from different countries, businesses and positions for the program. Young Talents consists of two modules:

  • Networking. Participants are placed in groups and work with case studies. Each group gets a mentor for support. Groups work with the case studies between the two modules and need to plan how to cooperate and delegate tasks.
  • Creating self-awareness. In this module, participants are asked to learn methods that improve their ability to build collaborative relationships. This includes awareness of personal strengths and potential weaknesses. Creating trust is a key in forming healthy and collaborative environments.