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High-speed trains with aluminium

Euroduplex moves as fast as any train in the world. Alstom builds the train with complex aluminium solutions from its development partner, Hydro.

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ⒸALSTOM Transport / TOMA – M. Genel

Alstom’s Euroduplex is a double-deck and very high speed train that reaches speeds of 320 kilometers per hour. It has the largest passenger capacity, and the highest levels of comfort and safety on the market.

The French national railway company SNCF operates Euroduplex, the only train in the world that can operate seamlessly across several European rail networks.

Structural aluminium profiles

Hydro delivers more than half of the structural aluminium profiles used in the car body shells of Euroduplex. The work includes:

  • Structural long-length extrusions
  • Machining
  • Kits for easy assembly
  • Just-in-time deliveries in special long-length trucks

The main benefits of aluminium in high-speed train car bodies are its light weight and its uniform and smooth surface – there are no "waves" in the metal, as with steel.

Hydro’s friction stir welding technology

Hydro uses its friction stir welding technology to produce the large panels used in Euroduplex. Such panels enable modular assembly, which is more cost effective than the assembly of smaller and heavier components.

Euroduplex is eco-designed, achieving a recyclability rate of 90 percent.
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Ⓒ© Alstom Transport / A.Février


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Aluminium is one of the main materials used in train bodies. Modern trains use modern materials like aluminium to reduce mass and carbon dioxide emissions.

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Designing with aluminium

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