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Sturdy and reliable with Stihl power tools

Stihl is a leading global manufacturer of chain saws and many other outdoor power tools. It utilizes extruded aluminium as much as it can.

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Andreas Stihl founded the company in his native Germany in 1926 with the clear aim to “ease people’s work with and in nature.” Since then, the one-man business has grown into a global giant in the industry – and the biggest selling chainsaw brand for almost 50 years.

Stihl continues to innovate, designing products to meet changing customer requirements. Their mindset is driven by research and development, and the company is committed to zero defects and zero claims. The company looks for suppliers who serve as partners, delivering excellence in quality, technology, innovation, service, on-time delivery and value.

Chainsaws, trimmers and brush cutters

Hydro has been working with Stihl for more than 20 years. Our Lichtervelde plant in Belgium is the lead manufacturer, and delivers its customized aluminium products globally to all of Stihl’s main production plants – in Brazil, China, Europe and the United States.

Deliveries include a range of welded aluminium tubes to Stihl for use in hand-held chainsaws, trimmers, professional brush cutters and other products.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can provide you with smart aluminium solutions.

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The right alloy

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Why aluminium

Design expertise

Aluminium extrusions can be shaped into almost any form required. Good thing, because you keep coming up with new uses for the metal.

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