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Technology and manufacturing are important to product design

“The biggest change in the way we design products,” says Margus Triibmann, “is the understanding that there is an immense need for the creation of strong technological platforms and manufacturing processes for the products that have sales potential.”

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Keha3 designs and manufactures outdoor lightings, as well as furniture and accessories for the urban environment.

One of the Estonian studio’s designs – the Wannabe LED aluminium profile – enables the creation of a wide variety of urban and facade lightings, of which the lighting element is the very same, but the construction is something that differs.

“In this way, we can create divergent products that merge into the environment and converge with the surrounding space,” says Margus Triibmann, designer and CEO of Keha3.

Bringing design to life

When thinking of urban environments, Triibman says he aims “to bring to life products that tell the story behind the creation – the importance of durability, endurance, the richness of solutions and the harmonization between the design and the environment.”

The same goes with interior lightings, he says, pointing to Keha3’s Lightweight series, which reflects an enormous amount of different solutions.

“If I were to say what in general has become less important for me, with regard to product design, it would be the urge to create highly complicated, exhibitionistic and overly playful landmarks. This is not important anymore,” says Triibman.

Material choice, form and function

When it comes to choosing the right materials for its designs, Keha3 takes into account:

  • Production methods and technology
  • Product form
  • Function

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You see it at home and at work, on ceilings and floors, in your toolbox and in the work of art that you just photographed. Aluminium is all around you.

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