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Where design meets industry

When a small design studio suddenly gets the opportunity to use the resources of a big manufacturer, the opportunities become endless. Award-winning product designer Sara Mellone knows, having turned aluminium into functional beauty.

Image Sara Mellone in studio.jpg

After training as a goldsmith in Aachen, Mellone graduated from the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf with a bachelor’s degree in Applied Art and Design. She then moved to London and established Sara Mellone Design in 2013.

Her studio’s approach to design focuses on the simplicity and longevity of the product. It uses materials that work in harmony with the design. And while its products are minimalistic, Mellone tries to keep the poetic character of a piece.

Aluminium is functional and aesthetically appealing, so when Mellone was asked by Hydro to develop a beautiful product with the light metal, she accepted the challenge.

Specially treated aluminium for Vase No. 8

Born out of the idea to transform a single piece of aluminium into an aesthetic product, Vase No. 8 proves that great design can be simple. The minimalistic vase that Mellone designed is an eyecatcher in every context. Its two openings offer plenty of space on both sides for big flower arrangements. But it is also possible to put a single branch or flower in the vase, as the body of the vase gets slimmer on the bottom.

Turning the design into reality demanded technical expertise. The bending process was one challenge. Hydro solved this by manufacturing a specially treated extruded aluminium profile. Surface treatment was another important process, to protect the vase from fingerprints and small scratches. This was solved. And the addition of small cork feet gives the vase a stable stand while also protecting the table.

The vase is made from recycled aluminium and can be 100 percent recycled at the end of its life.

Image Vase No.8 + Vase No.8 Black.jpg

A space for design

Mellone has not stood still since the start of manufacturing of Vase No. 8. She launched A Space For Design Ltd. – the name of the new company born out of her work with Hydro. Where design meets industry.

“The name comes from the idea of giving young designers the opportunity to be taken seriously and valued,” she says. “We want to sell products that will last, are well made from sustainable materials and which can be recycled at the end of their lives.”

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