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Acceptance of e-sapa Conditions

You are entering a private computer system. This system, this application, and the data it accesses are private property. Unauthorized access, use, or disclosure is prohibited and may result in civil liability or criminal prosecution. Monitoring is routinely performed to ensure compliance with internal policies. Authorized access is granted for specific purposes and must never be shared or used for unauthorized purposes.

You are responsible for the ID and password you have been assigned to access e-sapa. Good passwords should not be easily guessed - avoid using ones that reference something related to you and do not numerically increment previous ones. Ideally, password should be made up of random characters and numbers.

As a customer e-sapa provides you with the ability to print certain information related to transactions you have completed. Documents printed using this feature reflect the current format for presenting this information and may in certain respects differ from the documents you received at the time of the original transaction. By using this feature you understand and agree to this possible variation.

Hydro will use commercially reasonable efforts to protect the confidentiality of the information contained within this website, but will not be responsible for inadvertent disclosures that might occur.

This website, as well as the information contained within, is confidential and may be legally privileged.  It is meant for the sole use of the intended user.  Any distribution, downloading, copying or other use of unintended contents is prohibited.  If you find that you have access to information that is not intended for your company, please do the following:

(a) log out and immediately notify the e-sapa team at, and

(b) delete any documents and reports you may have downloaded from the system.

Thank you for your cooperation.