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Supplying the wind industry

Wind turbine generators are being built with aluminium solutions from top to bottom. We can deliver the quantities you need anywhere in the world.

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We offer extruded aluminium solutions that reduce weight, cost and maintenance requirements. Applications include:

  • Nacelle
  • Tower
  • Cooling

In addition, we offer support in designing and manufacturing any other solution that you may identify. They may be machine-processed, coated, or even pre-assembled in the case of larger structures. It depends on your specifications and requirements.

You can also count on logistical solutions that ensure precise delivery, whether directly to your warehouse or on-site.

Contact us to learn more and to discuss your wind project with one of our experts in the field.

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Tower in the sky with aluminium

Wind towers are built in sections and can stand more than 100 meters tall. CS Wind Vietnam builds the giant towers that support offshore wind turbines. They use lots of aluminium.

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