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Cooling systems for power transmissions

You should consider using aluminium profiles and components to cool things down when power generating gets too hot.

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Power transmission requires an entire infrastructure to transfer energy. Aluminium plays a role in this infrastructure in one form or another.

Wind farms rely on cooling aluminium profiles to dissipate the excess heat from converters and other equipment. Power stations require large housings to transfer massive amounts of energy and they also rely on our motor housings and busbars in their energy supply chains.

Hydro offers technologies and components to cool or protect equipment in the energy supply chain, such as:

Advanced cooling technology

Hydro has developed a high-performance, cost-effective liquid cooling solution based on aluminium extrusions combined with our friction stir welding (FSW) technology.

Extruded heat sinks

We offer the most complex and wide-ranging heat sink selection on the market to match any transmission requirements. FSW air-cooled heat sinks are thermally more efficient and of higher quality than bonded or pressed fin products, while providing fin ratios to 48:1 and beyond.

Enclosures and other extruded products

We offer design, extrusion, fabrication, casting and finishing capabilities along with more than 10 different standard alloys. We can also design an alloy for your specific requirement.

Contact us so we can discuss your power project and talk about how we can make it better.


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