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Extrusion technology for your consumer application

You see it at home and at work, on ceilings and floors, in your toolbox and in the work of art that you just photographed. Aluminium is all around you.

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Endless possibilities for industrial designers

Extrusion technology and aluminium attract industrial designers because the material and the manufacturing method provide the ability to create. The possibilities are endless.

Household fittings to furniture

You can call on us for support with your office applications, sporting goods, furniture, household fittings. Even for your art.

Aluminium in your office

Look around your office and celebrate aluminium. Your PC hides at least one anodized extrusion in the form of a heat sink. There are extrusions in the furniture, partitioning and walls. In the ceilings and channels for electric cables. In the frame around your meeting room's white board. Maybe even in the hand wash dispenser.

Having manufactured hundreds of thousands of different aluminium extrusions, we can offer new angles of approach in your project. A refinement that solved a problem in a window profile may help you with your new office chair.

Technical solutions that save you money

We offer support with the creative designs and technical solutions that simplify things and save you money. Inviting us in the initial phase of your project is the best way we can help you develop the best products and reduce costs.

Contact us today so we can begin working on your consumer application.

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Aluminium education

Hydro Design Academy

Those who do not pay attention to design will not be in business tomorrow. Are you interested in learning more about aluminium design?

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See this project

Why not use aluminium and build the bike yourself?

"I started my bike company because no one was selling the bike that I wanted to ride," says Craig Gaulzetti. His business has accelerated with aluminium.

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