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Aluminium tooling

Today's machinery and machine tools need to meet higher efficiency demands, while standing up to wear and tear. Aluminium is serving a role.

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Corrosion-resistant and durable aluminium

No one wants costly downtime. Machinery and tools have to be built to last and to work fast. Tool and machine manufacturers are turning toward corrosion-resistant aluminium for a number of good reasons.

Helping you develop

We offer technical and application development support from all our manufacturing plants. We also have specialized engineering teams at R&D centers in Denmark, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden and the United States.

Extruded aluminium is easier to machine than stainless steel. This keeps more money in your pocket, because aluminium tooling costs tend to be lower compared to many other metals.

Aluminium is also stronger, lighter and more flexible. Each benefit helps improve the quality of your machinery and machine tools.

Contact us today and discuss your project with one of our experts.

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