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Materials for precision measuring tools

Construction and orthopedics are two of the fields that rely on aluminium measuring and controlling instruments to get the job done.

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Aluminium is an ideal material for high-precision measuring and controlling instruments, from sliding rulers to laser scanner boxes. It provides stability, rapid response speed and reliability for accurate measuring.

Aluminium makes the load lighter

Topographers in the field prefer aluminium tripods and other instruments because they literally lighten the load from an ergonomic point of view. Aluminium is also convenient for the architect, carpenter or do-it-yourself individual using rafter angles, bevels or cutting machines.

Othopedic applications

We offer standard and complex solutions, such as a digital 3D foot scanner for orthopedic applications. We also offer painted or anodized protective finishes to extend a product’s life or enhance its appearance. And we can customize shapes to meet your needs.

Let us help you with these measuring applications and many more:

  • Cutting guides
  • Digital measuring tools
  • Architect’s rule
  • Measuring wheels
  • Slide rulers
  • Digital measuring equipment

Contact us and discuss your project with one of our aluminium experts.

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