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Apply for an apprenticeship at Sapa in Nenzing

An apprenticeship at Sapa Nenzing builds the excellent base for entering the world of employment.

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Apprenticeship at Sapa Nenzing

The quality of our aluminum profiles and everything that goes along with this depends crucially on the people who work with us. This includes our apprentices.

Educating apprentices has traditionally played a fundamental role for Sapa, because we see these young people as an important base for our future and our future success.

Our motivated and competent trainers educate apprentices in two professions: industrial clerk and mechanical engineer. Being educated as an apprentice at Sapa is the starting point for a large variety of development opportunities.

Learn more about our apprentice professions and apply for an apprenticeship or for a practical day:

Holiday work placement/internship at Sapa Nenzing

Would you like to gather practical training in an international manufacturing company during the summer months? Then Sapa is the right place for you!

Sapa offers students starting at the age of 16 the opportunity to gather work experience with a holiday work placement or an internship. So we get to know each other better. And get to take the first step for potential long-term cooperation.

Application form for holiday work placement

If you are interested in a holiday work placement or an internship at Sapa, send us your application and the completed application-form to our HR department at Sapa Nenzing