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Meet Anna

As a quality manager, Anna Szeverinski knows the importance of the attention to detail in order to meet the high demands of Hydro's customers in Nenzing.

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Anna started her career at Hydro 2009 with an apprenticeship as an industrial saleswoman. Since her successful tenure in 2012, she has been a key player in quality management at our manufacturing location in Nenzing.

What is the key to success in quality management?

Self-control and the permanent claim of improvement. For successful quality management, one must never lose sight of the goal - offering the best possible service to the customer.

What have been your favorite moments at Hydro?

My successful qualification in 2012 and the completion of the quality management exam - that personally made me proud and my colleagues were very happy with me.

"It is important to always have the big picture in mind."

How would you describe your colleagues?

Respectful cooperation is very important to me. I place the claim on myself, always to work exactly and to be critical to myself. Again, I always try to be open ... and I am a positive person who can listen well. This is particularly helpful when dealing with critical customers.

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