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Hydro's approach

Our unique way of working makes us who we are.

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Aluminium design

All told, our engineers have hundreds of years of experience in aluminium extrusion. With this knowledge, they can improve your design. You should involve them in the design process as early as possible to achieve the best results.

Short delivery times

By properly distributing customer orders to our various manufacturing locations in the Benelux, we can keep lead times short.

Quality excellence and reliability

Quality and reliability are important to you. We keep our promises. You can count on us.

Logistical advantages, financial benefits

With our short lead times, low claims rate and high reliability, customers can work with lower safety stocks. You will not face logistical surprises and you will have more financial flexibility to expand your activities.

Ready to use

We are committed to delivering a product that is ready for use in the final application, without further action. This means offering you what you need in surface treatment and value-adding processes. This allows you to focus on your core business.

We speak the same language

With our locations throughout the Benelux, we are always near you. This not only means that we speak the same language, but that we can talk about innovative solutions.

Financial stability

Extruded Solutions is the 5th business area of the global aluminium company Norsk Hydro. We have a strong financial base.