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Hydro's Design Manual

First published in 1980, Hydro's Design Manual is valuable for anyone who wants to improve his or her understanding of design with aluminium profiles.

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Hydro's Design Manual as a hard copy

The manual covers all facets of aluminium profiles and the most recent insights into aluminium and its extrusion process, such as draft opinions, choosing the right alloy and everything about surface treatment, tolerances, corrosion, joints, mechanical treatment and much more.

Order your printed copy here. 

The digital version of Hydro's Design Manual

The Design Manual is not only available as a hard copy, but also via the internet. Apart from the vast information in the paper edition, the digital version provides additional information via an integrated search engine and gives you the opportunity to discover much more.

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Hydro's Design Manual as an app

Hydro has added its Design Manual on Apple’s app store as a new channel to reach customers, architects, designers, engineers and students who are eager to learn more about aluminium and aluminium profiles. The app is available for iPhone and iPad users. An android version is also available.