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Meet Kamilla

Cooperation between colleagues, and managing difficult tasks in a team, is what flexibility means to Kamilla. As our trainee, she gets to do this with different departments in Sapa Precision Tubing Tønder.

Image Kamilla final.jpg

What do you consider special about your culture, your plant, your office?

I appreciate that we have a very flat organization and everyone talks to everyone, no matter if you work in the office or in production. The same goes for my boss. It is always easy to approach him, no matter the issue. I like that we have a staff association that organizes events. This way you meet colleagues in another setting then on the job, which is really nice.

Describe your favorite moments in Sapa.

I have several! The day i was hired as trainee. Finally, after having applied several places, I was offered the traineeship at Sapa, which I am so happy about. The company arranged celebrations. It's great to meet my colleagues from our other departments in other cities. The information meetings ... I am excited every time we have an info meeting, where management gives a status on how everything is going and what our departments are working on and new developments. 

What motivates you in your work?

When I wake in the morning I look forward to a day at Sapa with a lot of things to do in the office.