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Meet Abdel

Abdel is a curious man, he likes to know the what, how and why. His work at the machining workshop on the extrusion site in France, is satisfying this curiosity.

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What do you like most about your job?

On the social side, it's a great atmosphere. In my team, one really feels the sense of camaraderie and on a daily basis it really is appreciable. Professionally, I appreciate the in-house training that allows us to evolve internally. The work recognition is also an important and motivating factor for me.

As I am curious, I like to know on what type of piece I am working on and it can be an automotive part, a radiator or even decoration, there is no routine and I appreciate that.

If you were to choose the invention of tomorrow that would change the world or just your life?

I would go for eco-friendly means of transportation for all, whether for daily trips or travels. We recently saw the feat of Solar Impulse, the airplane that was powered solely by solar energy that made the first world tour. It is this type of project that shows that today, everything is possible.

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