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The remarkable Polygone Riviera shopping center

The Polygone Riviera shopping center is at the crossroads of commerce, leisure and art.

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The Polygone Riviera shopping center made its grand opening in October 2015 after three years of construction. The architects L35 and Philippe Caront have worked with the building systems brand Wicona to provide the aluminum facades and architectural buildings of this immense project.

On the French Riviera, the open-air Polygone Riviera shopping center is unprecedented in concept and size. It is a "pedestrian village" on five hectares, with 70,000 square meters of retail space reflecting "two Mediterranean atmospheres," according to chief operating officer Arnaud Prévost of Socri Promotions.

From standard systems to customized solutions

More than 20,000 square meters of aluminium facades were made for the project. Standard products and customized solutions made it possible to meet the technical and design requirements. 

"Among the technical challenges of the Provençal part, I would point out the quality of equipment and materials. The aluminium frames have met the requirements of durability and performance," says architect Philippe Caron.


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