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Maintenance of powder-coated aluminium

The French Association for the Promotion of Anodized or Lacquered Aluminum (ADAL) informs about the minimum maintenance requirements for surface-treated aluminium.

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This information comes courtesy or the ADAL website.


The routine maintenance of lacquered joinery consists of a simple washing with water and a mild detergent. Do not use abrasive cleaners.

Renovation: In the case of very heavy fouling (due to lack of maintenance) requiring renovation, it is recommended to contact a specialized company. As part of the renovation of lacquered surfaces, a commission was set up in April 2006 within ADAL to determine the best method for cleaning lacquered surfaces (see below and on the ADAL website).


The cleaning of a construction site when finished, as well as the routine maintenance, consists of a simple washing with water and a mild detergent (pH between 5 and 8) followed by a clean rinse with clear water then wiping with a soft, absorbent cloth. To eliminate certain dirt or stains, a specific cleaning agent with a cleaning procedure may be used after validation by the supplier of the product and / or lacquer.

These operations can be combined with the cleaning of the windows after having validation of the cleaning supply by its supplier. During the cleaning operation, make sure that the drainage openings are unclogged.

More information on the ADAL website (French)

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