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Amazonie tower in Nantes

The tailor-made loggia closures for Amazonie Tower in Nantes, France, are aluminium solutions.


This earthquake-resistant tower, 55 meters high, with 72 apartments available to own and businesses on the ground floor, stands in the new Pré-Gauchet special planning district in Nantes. The search for individuality, with generous exteriors and open spaces, was a major motivation for the a/LTA Architectes - Urbanistes agency.

For this project, Technal created tailor-made have aluminium closure systems, including guardrails and suspended slide windows above.

These loggias create a buffer zone which improves the tower’s thermal performance. In the winter they store solar energy and provide natural ventilation for the dwellings in the summer. A simulation has thus shown that for temperatures in the range of 8°C to -4°C, the loggias can reach 19°C and the lounge can remain stable at 17°C without any heating.

The loggia closure also provides additional acoustic insulation of approximately 10 dB inside the dwelling. 


Our goal was to design a thin and slender building. We revisited the towers designed in the 70s by playing on movements with outbursts and rhythms in order to create a dynamic," says Gwenaël Le Chapelain.


Architectural agency: a/LTA Architectes - Urbanistes
Contracting authorities: BATI NANTES, SAMO and LNH
Technal-approved Fabricator and Installer: AGC Siglaver
Technal solutions used: Tailor-made loggia closures
Photographer: Stéphane Chalmeau

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