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Technal - Private house

Wide Technal openings have helped make this residential villa great.

Image 0496.jpg

The villa, with a floor area of nearly 700 square meters, consists of three simple blocks offset relative to one another and off-center, to prevent it dominating the landscape. They are subdivided into frames opening onto the lake and the neighboring golf course, in such a way that they are shielded from the nearby hotel.

Large-sized sliding bays, measuring 3 meters high by 20 meters wide on the north side and 12 meters wide on the south side, offer a sense of transparency and plenty of natural light in the lounge/diner. To the south, the Technal joinery is enhanced by wooden screen walls which give the villa its flow, and also act as brise-soleils and privacy screens.

Architectural agency: Philippe Pastre Architecte DPLG
Contracting authority: Private
Technal-approved Fabricator and Installer: Labastère 64
Technal solutions used: LUMEAL and SOLEAL sliding windows
Photographer: Patrick Valleau

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