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Technal - TIGF head office

The circular building in Pau provides those working in TIGF's head office with more comfort in their working environment. 

Image TIGF PAU - 7 - IMG_2515-PSD.jpg

On the outskirts of Pau, characterized by a large amount of road infrastructure with no urban alignment to guide its shape, the circular shape of the new TIGF head office, covering nearly 10,000 square meters, helps to proclaim its identity. Technal has contributed with aluminium building solutions.

The building’s envelope is covered with full-height (10.20 m) GEODE curtain walls fixed to the metal structure of the four vertical stairwells and SOLEAL frames fixed to the timber frame. Architect Laurent Gaudu says these aluminium solutions bring transparency and airiness to the whole structure. These frames are surmounted by vertical perforated metal blades for solar protection.

The thermal performance of the Technal sliding joinery protect the offices from overheating in the summer and thus reduce the need for air conditioning.

Architectural agency: 360°
Contracting authorities: TIGF (Transport Infrastructure Gaz de France)
Technal-approved Fabricator and Installer: Labastère 64
Technal solutions used: GEODE curtain walls and SOLEAL frames
Photographer: Kevin Dolmaire

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