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Technal's open window, with sound protection

You can keep your window open and still be protected from outside noise.

Image acousticwindow1500.jpg

Cities are constantly spreading and noise nuisance is becoming a major issue in the building sector. Betting on innovation, the aluminium systems brand Technal has created the active acoustic concept.

This sliding window concept provides acoustic insulation to airborne noise even when it is open - an asset for residents who wish to ventilate a space while preserving themselves from external nuisances.

Its patented system, developed in partnership with the GAMBA ACOUSTIQUE GROUP and the MECHANICAL AND ACOUSTIC LABORATORY of the CNRS, is based on the combination of "passive" and "active" technologies.

With an open window of 10 cm integrating an acoustic glazing 44.2 / 14/10, the sound attenuation can reach 25 dB, which is, on average, 300 times less noise inside.

For comparison, the same window without the "passive / active" treatment offers an acoustic attenuation of 10 dB with an opening of 10 cm and a attenuation of 35 dB when closed. Totally integrated with the carpentry, the "passive / active" system allows, in closed position, to maintain a similar look to a conventional window.

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