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Meet Josephine

Josephine Noack began at Hydro Rackwitz in April 2016 as head of quality assurance. With her hands-on mentality she takes care on our continuous improvement and makes sure that we meet our high quality standards – day by day.

Image Josephine Noack.jpg

What makes Hydro Rackwitz special for you?

Hydro Rackwitz is a very traditional plant with an open culture and a strong sense of identity. People support each other and problems are solved in teams – this is how we find perfect solutions.

How would you describe your favorite colleague?

This question makes me struggle. I was so well accepted by the whole staff right from the beginning. In such a collegial environment, it is nearly impossible to give prominence to somebody. All participate in creating this great work atmosphere.

What motivates you in your job?

My work is very rich in variety and I enjoy getting in contact to many different people, both internally and externally. Monotony is never an issue and success of initiated improvements can usually be seen very fast.

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