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Meet Mario

Mario Koch has been working for Hydro for 26 years. He is an absolute team player, which is good, because teamwork is one of the most important aspects in his position as extrusion line leader.

Image Mario Koch.jpg

What makes Uphusen plant special for you?

Our plant in Uphusen keeps a relationship of familiarity. People know each other and we have got a well-integrated team. We are eager for ongoing improvement and further development, which is part of our DNA. This makes Hydro Uphusen and our working environment so fruitful and special.

How would you describe your best moment within Hydro?

If I can day by day enjoy working and experience how fantastic our extrusion team results can be, then the best moment is here and now. At our extrusion presses, success appears very quickly and these are joyful moments every day. This is a wonderful motivation to get better and better, every day.

How would your colleagues describe you?

Reliable, fair as a supervisor, but still part of the team. With dedication and willingness to support. Solving questions together is taken for granted here.

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