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Meet Miriam

Nearly 25 years ago, Miriam Hauser started her Hydro career at the plant in Offenburg. She spent her first 10 years as personnel administrator, then joined the purchasing team. After leading the die department, she became EHS manager in 2016.

Image Miriam Hauser.jpg

What is the biggest challenge for you and what do you like most about working as EHS manager?

My biggest challenge is to reach everybody with my message and to generate awareness for this: “Work safely every day.” For me it is a great pleasure to work together with different people in the company.

What does flexibility mean to you?

Flexibility is a very important factor in my job. I’m also the mother of two teenagers, which means that I have to be very flexible as well in my private life when I have to handle different situations, which are always new challenges.

What motivates you?

The opportunity to make decisions that help the company and the employees, and which make our working life safer and better.

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