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Act sustainable

We are a company that is moving towards not only sustainable thinking but, most importantly, doing. Not only "What" we deliver is important, but also "How".

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Less raw materials by incorporating circularity
Hydro, division Pole Products was featured on Dutch national television last year for its groundbreaking commitment to the concept of Cradle to Cradle and the related certification system that practically applies key circular-economic principles to the manufacturing process. Since 2011, we have been the first producer in the world of Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Silver light poles.

At our production plant in Drunen, aluminium light poles are uniquely designed to reduce waste and systems have been established to take the products back for recycling at the end of the product’s life-cycle through a take-back program. After an initial period in which customers had to adopt the system and where Pole Products refined the economic model, we are now taking back thousands of poles for reuse on an annual basis.

Shaping a sustainable future through innovative aluminium solutions
We want to contribute to a better world, by producing better products, knowing and respecting the community where we are located, by reducing the negative impact on the environment and by making sure our people are safe, in a safe workplace. This yearly sustainability report takes you along on our journey in sustainable development.

Sustainability report Hydro, division Pole Products