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Hydro for Designers

A cleverly designed aluminium profile provides many benefits. Meet with our technical specialists to maximize the advantages that extrusion technology can bring to your product application.

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Hydro's Design Manual

First published in 1980, Hydro's Design Manual is valuable for anyone who wants to improve his or her understanding of design with aluminium profiles.

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Tolerances Booklet

The Tolerances booklet is a useful book in pocket size. It covers standards EN 755-9 and EN12020-2 for the extrusion of aluminium.

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Hydro Profile Academy in Benelux

This Benelux Edition is aimed toward our Dutch-speaking customers and will be organized in Hoogezand, The Netherlands

16 & 17 april 2019

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Shapes - our inspiration website

Shapes is our inspiration website for sharing information and experience. Hydro experts and guest writers publish interesting articles about aluminium in general and the design opportunities of aluminium profiles in particular.

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Individual Design Support

Hydro offers all of its business relations design support at no obligation whatsoever.