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Meet Johan

No sporting challenge is too high for Johan Mutsaers. Every day, he bicycles 55 kilometers to work in Drunen. And then, in the R&D department where he works as product engineer, he uses his energy to solve technical issues.

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What do you consider special about your plant?

The social culture of Pole Products is very nice to work in. The atmosphere of a small family business within a major global concern.

Can you describe your favorite moment at Hydro?

The moment I got my regular employment meant a lot to me. A reward for my abilities as an employee and trust in me as a person.

When you were a child, what did you want to become as a grown up?

A football player, like almost every boy! Although I played the game, I didn't have the talent needed to keep up with the big boys. I followed the footsteps of my father and brother and went into technology.

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