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Meet Marie-Louise

As a child, Marie-Louise dreamed about a job as a fighter pilot. But the exact sciences were not her cup of tea. She chose the International Business and Languages study. The commercial role as Sales Support / Customer Service Export fits her like a glove.

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What do you consider special about your job?
The change of function. I have contact with colleagues from various departments to make quotes and send orders. In addition, I maintain contact with customers in various countries where we are active. No day is the same!

Describe your favorite moments in Sapa.
The Clean up day I found a very good initiative. Together with your colleagues, clean up, clean and efficiently refurbish the production. The people of the floor and the office together put the hands out of the sleeves. Very good for team feeling and togetherness.

What motivates you in your work?
Working with other colleagues to achieve good results and to achieve commercial success.

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