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Solutions for different situations

Loose sand, vandalism, work at ground level, installation in the ground ... All situations where a pole requires extra attention. The accessories of Sapa Pole Products offer a solution in such situations that will protect and stabilize your pole.

Image alulock bewerkt.jpg

Sapa Pole Products offers a range of accessories as a solution to different situations:

  • Ground level protector for additional protection against mechanical damage
  • Ground plate to counter possible sinking from a pole into the ground in loose soil
  • Ground wings to counter unwanted turning from a pole in loose soil
  • Base plate for mounting a light pole on a concrete surface
  • Pave-mate for an elegant look of the pavement around the light pole
  • Alulock for optimal protection against vandalism

Also in the design of our accessories, we keep in mind that at the end of their life, materials can fully return to the cycle according to the Cradle to Cradle® principle. Therefore, they are made of environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable materials.

Contact us to discuss the right solution for your situation.