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Dutch water authority finds answer in solar pole

Regional water authorities are often faced with the challenge to illuminate remote areas without an electricity network. The Dutch water authority 'Hollandse Delta’ has found the solution. 

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On Thursday 8 of March 2016, a Soluxio project was installed in Numansdorp, The Netherlands. The 6 meter high, black anodized Soluxio has three solar modules and a cross with a Luma Philips LED fixture.

100% self sufficient

The stand-alone Soluxio is the ideal solution in areas where no electricity network or infrastructure for lighting is present or where it needs to be replaced. The innovative solar pole charges itself by making use of highly efficient, integrated, cylindrical solar panels. Even in cloudy weather, low yield or indirect sunlight the light pole still generates the desired amount of energy.

For Ronald Voerknecht from the contractor ZIUT it was the first time he worked with a product like the Soluxio.

"An interesting pilot project," as he describes it. "Because there is no infrastructure needed, the water authoroty saves money. In addition, it is also a more elegant solution than poles with large solar panels on it." 

Learn more on the dedicated Soluxio website.

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