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Profile Academy 2017 in Poland

From extrusion to solutions at Poland. Learn more about aluminium, extrusion, surface treatment, fabrication and much more about the efficient use of aluminium in your application.

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What is the Sapa Profile Academy?

Sapa stands for innovative solutions in aluminum. We think globally and act locally. Flexibility, individuality and precision characterize us. Technical know-how and decades of experience characterize our daily activities. We would like to share this knowledge with you and invite you to a two-day Sapa Profile Academy every year. 

Content of the Sapa Profile Academy

During the seminar, everything is about extruding and the successful construction of and with aluminum profiles. Our technical specialists will show you what is important in design and will give you valuable input for function and design. You can also learn about the various possibilities of surface treatment and mechanical processing.

Extrusions and wall thickness

Extrusions with uniform wall thickness are the simplest to produce, but wall thickness within an extrusion can easily be varied. For reasons of strength, it might be desirable to concentrate mass as far as possible from the neutral axis.


  • aluminium - introduction
  • extrusion process
  • anodising process
  • powder coating
  • fabrication
  • quality assessment

Contact us anytime when you are interested in our two-day training session with Sapa 

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