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Meet Horácio

Horácio Cardoso likes to play tennis and enjoy time with his wife and friends around the dinner table. Since he was a child, he wanted to work with molten metal. Good thing, because he manages our aluminium casthouse in Avintes.

Image Horácio_4.jpg

Describe your best colleague and what makes him a good colleague?

Cedric Duszak. When I arrived at Sapa, I spent one week in Ghlin with Cedric and Gilbert Deleu. In those days, Gilbert was my teacher and we spent a lot of time discussing metallurgical aspects and billet quality. He was very important to me and I will always thank him for the support he gave me. Cedric is the one that always helps me and gives me advice when I need help. He is an excellent professional and an example for me.

What do you consider special about your job?

Being casthouse manager is a huge responsibility regarding the health and safety of my people. It is a high-risk daily job and I need my colleagues to be working in a safe way and 100 percent healthy. It is also very important to deliver high-quality billets to our presses and on the right time. It is a pleasure to see good productivity values on the press when they are extruding billet from our casthouse.

What do you consider special about your plant?

The daily effort and the commitment of all the shop floor people that work in the plant. In each production area, you can see all the people working daily to meet the objectives and improve the numbers to get better financial results for our plant.

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